Cinzia “Personal chef”

My passion for cooking was born when I was a child and kept helping my parents pick up fresh produces in our garden.
I spent so much time in the kitchen watching them cook and realized how their different way of cooking blended despite my mother came from Friuli (north Italy) and my father came from Calabria (south Italy).
I helped both of them so that we created a perfect triumvirate. My cooking passion was growing more and more because of the mixture of these dishes that reminded me the mixture of my origins.
When my studies were over I travelled over the world and worked as a touristic assistant at first and later on as a holiday resort manager. One of my duties was to attend the supervision of the kitchens where I worked: Tunisia, Egypt, Spain, Madagascar, Kenya, Austria, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Greece.
Since I worked in all of these countries I got very interested in their culinary traditions and thanks to my internationality I started to create unique and amazing dishes which I would like to share with my customers.

All my customers are very special to me and I’ m firmly convinced that